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Our Mission

Focus, structure and the assurance of consistent forward progress are
the results of Chefalo Coaching & Consulting. Our mission is to
support you to reach your full potential so you can grow both personally
and professionally.

Your Life On Your Terms!


"You have slipped the key into a locked door. "

"Thank you for the most challenging lunches of my life!"

"After only 2 session I can alrady see a dramatic increase in my businesses success."

"Shen was able to easily help me focus on what is important and how to schieve the results needed to drive my business forward."

"I look forward to working with Shen each week and watching as my business continues to grow and proper into the organization I expect. I highly recommend her to any business owner looking to find that missing piece."

"Everything happens for a reason...why you wrote to me will always be a mystery. . but my ship (you) just came in. Your help has been profound!"

Life Vision


Often times people hear the word “vision” and immediately think about Vision Boards. However, vision is more than just cutting out items from a magazine and sticking them to a poster board.  Before you can begin to attract what you want, you must first know what you want.

  • Have you defined yourself?
  • Are you living by your Core Values?
  • Do you have a Personal Vision Statement?
  • Do you know what your legacy will be?
  • Have you defined your life purpose?
  • Are you ready to ask for something that seems unrealistic?

The New Year will be hear before we know it, and instead of talking about Resolutions, let’s create success! With some easy to implement ways to help you establish a vision that actually resonates with you. This discussion will be accompanied by an art lesson wherein you will create an inspiration box. The inspiration box allows you to add and subtract to it as your vision changes. In order to complete the inspiration boxes, you will need to bring the following materials with you:

  1. 2-3 personal photos
  2. Write down or cut out 10 words, phrases/quotes that relate to your goal(s) or are meaningful to you.
  3. 1-2 small objects, charms or mementos that have a story or are meaningful in some way.
  4. Any other item that you would like to use.

All other art materials will be provided for you, including the box.

Vision for the best easily blurs in the midst of many responsibilities, differing voices and things that are genuinely good, but ultimately distracting from the best. Let me help you find your true purpose and your ULTIMATE HAPPINESS.

This event is NOT a sit in your seat lecture. Be prepared to interact and share with other participants.


To register for this event, and to find out more details please visit:


I posted on social media a week or so ago, and asked a simple question, “Have you ever allowed yourself the thought of having a perfect life?” I followed it up with “What is in the way of having a perfect life?” The truth is a lot of peoplebelieve that they either “can’t” have the perfect life, that they “don’t” deserve the perfect life, or that they simple aren’t sure how to achieve that.

This is the very reason you hire a coach. Let’s use this analogy: if you have weight to lose you can do two things, (1) you can work outby yourself, adjust your eating and hope that you have enough will power to not fall off the wagon or (2) you can hire a personal trainer and really commit to your health and weight loss. It’s no surprise that the people who choose to hire a personal trainer in fact lose more weight and keep it off. Why?Because they have someone holding them accountable for workouts, someone who is going to ask about their diet and someone who is going to celebrate the pounds with them.

The same is true for the rest of our lives. If you have goals,but “life” keeps getting in the way, then you may want to think about hiring a coach to help you. The truth is there are some verybasic aspects that a coach can work on with you so that you can have a perfect life, here’s how:

  1. Know how to measure success-Start living your lifeby design.
  2. Abandon perfectionism-Replace perfectionism with pride.
  3. Accept, then perfect, what isn’t perfect-Acceptance is the first step toward perfection.
  4. Enjoy an absence of personal problems-Life’s too short for problems of any kind,become a problem free zone.
  5. Automate thebusiness of your life-Don’t you havebetter things to do?
  6. Upgrade your personal and professional network-Peoplebring you thebest opportunities in life.
  7. Seriously invest in a special skill set-The more you can deliver, the more you can earn.
  8. Have whims worth following-Perfection occurs as you respond to what tugs at you.
  9. Perfect your self-care-A perfect life isn’t sustainable without advanced self care.
  10. Lighten your footprint-Need less,be more.
  11. Evolve your sources of energy-Design advanced sources of motivation.
  12. Raise your standards-reduce your expectations-This raises you above the much of life and into the realm of perfect.

Are you willing to have a perfect life?

Get the Life YOU Deserve!

Recently I was approached by a website and they asked if I would make a presentation for their Make Your Mark Series that they were hosting. It seemed like a fabulous opportunity, but I wasn’t sure what I could discuss with such a broad audience, then it hit me.

Setting a vision, reaching goals and having ultimate happiness may seem like something you hear about in self help books and the happy endings of Disney Movies. The truth is I firmly beleive that living in Ultimate Happiness is something everyone can and should do.

I started this workshop because I found that sometimes people had no idea what their life vision even was. If you asked them a question like “if time and money wasn’t an issue what would you do?” They would stare blankly at me and say they would need “time to think about it.” Other times people would say “Well I used to want to {fill in the blank} but now I just don’t know.”  It’s no way to live!  I want to help and show people that creating or re-focusing a vision, whether for yourself or a business, isn’t difficult. There are simple ways to go about it, and simple ways to remain focused on it, even while doing your “daily grind.”

If your not sure if you need help focusing on your vision or creating a vision, answer these few questions:

 Are you living by your core values? Do you know what your core values are?

Do you find yourself wanting to make changes in your life and set goals but your not sure exactly what changes you want to make or goals you want to set?

Do you want to replace bad habits with good ones?
Are you tired of not accomplishing the items on your bucket list?
Do you want to stretch yourself in new ways?
Do you want to grow your business or yourself beyond your imagination?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then I encourage to come to my workshop and investigate how to GET THE LIFE YOU DESERVE. This workshop is an overview of a more intensive week long workshop and is an  interactive way to redefine yourself and grow into a NEW YOU. For more information or to register for this event please visit:



                WOW! It’s hard to believe that we have made it to Week 12 of our event. It seems like only a short while ago we were setting out on this journey of discovery and implementation.  If you actually completed all 12 Weeks, reading this week’s affirmation should be the easiest yet.

                What I have discovered on this journey about myself is that everyone is rooting for you. I cannot tell you how many times I have been stopped on the street, received a phone call or email just asking “how is it going this week?” Even strangers have been supportive of the adventure. I’ll admit that there were times when I didn’t know if I could continue. Times when I just wanted to watch TV instead of live the objectives I set out (and I admit a few times I did) but overall I was able to implement action and change into my everyday life.

                Success, but where do we go from here? This 12 Weeks has made me think about how I can help others implement action into their lives on a daily basis. There is a saying that “Change Takes Action” and while I agree with it, I also know that if you begin shifting and evolving slowly, the change will happen without you even realizing it! So my mission now; help people shift and evolve beginning with their personal foundation and moving forward. If you or someone you know may be interested, you can read more about the “Your Life on Your Terms” program that is beginning in October at



Recently, I was on a business and leisure trip that brought me from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Chicago, Illinois to New York City, followed by a short stay in the Hamptons before heading back to Chicago. During the trip, I spent several hours contemplating how well I was actually doing on keeping my 12 Promises.

I felt good about my progress, but felt there was still more I could do. So I decided to really try and live the promises, without distraction, while on the trip. It seems easier for me when I am in a new place, to try a new approach. I am not distracted by my own complacency and comfort and for this extended trip I figured it would be easier to really incorporate the promises into “habits” rather than “I really should.”

The outcome. . . . Phenomenal. I met so many new people, exchanged business cards, found business leads, had great conversations and even landed another speaking gig because of it. Way more than I ever expected from this experiment. I found myself engaging with everyone I crossed paths with. From cab drivers (who in Chicago, know all the best places to eat) to bellman, strangers and passerby’s. It gave me a new appreciation for how we often cross paths with each other, but we never actually connect on a real and deep level.

For this week’s promise, I am trying to incorporate what I learned on my 20 days on the road. Because what I learned was that when you are totally engaged with the beings around you, you are not worried, not angered, and not fearful and in fact you are truly blissful and happy. Try it . . . start a conversation with a stranger. Find out what they are thinking about, what they are worried about and offer a little friendly conversation. You may be surprised what you learn about yourself.

To think only of THE BEST, to work only for THE BEST, and to expect only THE BEST


WOW it’s week 5 already! I hope that everyone else is having the progress I am. On a few occasions I have found myself reaching for the rubberband that I keep around my wrist. A small snap to remind myself that I should only speak, hear and think positive thoughts for this 12 week period. I find as the week’s stretch on, I am reaching for the rubberband less and less. . . and I hope that you are as well.

                This week’s promise to ourselves is “to think only of thebest, to work only for thebest and to expect only thebest.” Seems simple enough and it is surelybuilding on the promises we have already made. In truth, it is also thebasis of most of our thoughts or at least it shouldbe if we are trying to visualize our life intobeing.

                We have all heard stories of people using visualization tobring countless things into their lives. In fact the movie The Secret and other Law of Attractionbooks arebased solely on this premise alone. Quotes like “What you think about, youbring about” and “What you think youbecome” are allbased on the visualization theory.

                If you are focused on POSITIVE outcomes and you clear yourself of limiting beliefs (see steps below) then everything and anything becomes a possibility that is obtainable. By focusing on and visualizing “the best” outcomes as you take ACTION really will give you the strength to change.



  1. When you are having negativebeliefs, the first step is to write them down.
  2. Then goback and read them aloud. (If when reading the statement out loud you get a negative feeling in your stomach. . you know you found what you are looking for.)
  3. Now that you have confirmed that you have a negativebelief, you must use your own free will to eliminate it. It’s your choice.
  4. Simply say to yourself that you no longer “choose” tobelieve that and from now on you will look for the evidence that would show that the contrary to yourbelief is now true.
  5. Everyday you should affirm to yourself thebelief that is opposite to your limitingbelief. You mustBELIEVE the newbelief (as youbelieved the oldbelief).
  6. If you are struggling to come up with the “opposite”belief, please feel free to email me and I will help you “choose” a new and more power positive affirmation for FREE!!
  7. Repeat for each limiting belief that you have.

 Let me know how it is going and please share with your friends andfamily. I would love to hear from each and every one of you.


It is hard to believe that we are already discussing Week 3’s promise. It is an interesting promise for me, because one of my goals this year was to take inventory of who I was surrounding myself with and then to try and eliminate those who “had less to lose than me” and also to build a community of people who bring out my best.

                With that, I have “lost touch” with some of my friends, and have now been trying to figure out how to connect with those people who might really be “friends.” Easier said than done, right? Maybe not. Here are some things that I know I need to work on that will both directly and indirectly make my friends feel better about themselves, and also since my theme for the year was “let go” I have decided I have A LOT to “let go of:

  1. Let go of judgment, ignorance, jealousy and need. Sifting through all of these “negative” feelings are often what prevent us from forming true relationships from people. I’m committing to letting go of all of these negative feelings are finding out who people truly are.
  2. Let go of doubt and control. Both are limiting and can stand in your way of who you and they really are. Letting go of both can help you realize just where you are and where you belong.
  3. Let go of self and EGO. This one could be a bit tricky. The idea is to let go, but not lose yourself completely. If you love that local band, then great get involved and help them get big, but don’t expect anything in return.
  4. Let go of work/life distractions. When meeting new people or building on a relationship that already exist, it can be difficult to meander the line between friendship, business or both. Best course of action, be professional. . . ALWAYS.
  5. Let go of negative. Great people fix things or laugh about them. There is no alternative. Surrounding yourself with these types of people make it easier to let go of the negative.

I believe that when we “let go” we actually bring to ourselves what we are actually looking for. That old saying when you love something and you let it go, if it is meant to be it will come back. That is my theme for this week. So, what is your plan? How do you plan to take action on this week’s promise?




 I was able to successfully wrap up Week 1’s promise, and feel good about myself and how it helped to change my prospective on several situations. It is helpful to have the tools available when something is going awry to say to yourself “don’t allow this to disturb your peace of mind. There is a reason.”

                Now we begin setting sail for Week 2. I PROMISE MYSELF TO TALK HEALTH, HAPPINESS & PROSPERITY TO EVERY PERSON I MEET.  Let me start by saying I’m glad I have had a week practice of “nothing can disturb my peach of mind.” I have a philosophy that people fall into 1 of 3 types. The person that fills you up (gives you the energy to keep going), the neutral (neither gives nor depletes of energy) and the taker (the person who zaps your energy). In this week’s promise my plan is to try and turn neutral into energy fillers, that way when I run into a taker, I will be able to use some of my energy reserves to speak health, happiness and prosperity to them.

                The other challenge I see, is to bring up these topics, even in casual conversation with strangers. For instance what is the easiest way to bring up these topics when you are paying for your gas or groceries? How do you work wanting health and happiness towards a total stranger, other than a pleasant smile and thinking it silently to yourself?

                This week I’m stumped, and will look to you for some help and guidance. I’m starting with a smile, but I want to take it to the next level. I’m looking forward to all of your creative ideas.



 As we begin this adventure into the 12 Promises in 12 Weeks, I have been pondering, probably more than I should, about what actions I could take to actually prove to myself (and others) that I was fully implementing the promise into my life.  In doing so, I began discussing with my 10 year old daughter my plan for the 12 Promises in 12 Weeks (you can look forward to some of her own contributions along the way as well). We decided the best bet was to take one week at a time.

                I PROMISE MYSELF TO BE SO STRONG; NOTHING CAN DISTURB MY PEACE OF MIND.  So my first thought was, what can I do to physical strengthen my mind and secondly what qualifies for “peace of mind.” I came up with an action list. The following is a list of ten (10) things that I think qualifies as action that can be taken to ensure that I am fully implementing my promise.

  1. Meditate. My objective is to mediate at least 5 minutes in the morning before leaving my bed, 15 minutes at some point throughout the day and at least 10 minutes prior to falling asleep. This to be is an action that can physically and emotionally give my mind the strength it needs.
  2. No Procrastination. For someone like me I thought this was a simple one that I was throwing in there, but yesterday morning I caught myself sitting on my deck in the sunshine, procrastinating starting a load of laundry and quickly realized it wouldn’t be as easier as I initially thought.
  3. Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew. I LOVE to do this. It can be hard to say “no, thank you.” However, I am well aware that by not saying “no” I easily disturb my own peach of mind. So this week, “No, thank you” will be heard a lot.
  4. Stick to Your Own Business. Gossip and the like is something negative that can easily distract you and cause a disturbance to your peace of mind. As the old saying goes “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
  5. Eliminate Jealousy. This is tied into the one before. I tend to notice, at least with myself, that gossip is really tied to jealousy. If I can feel good and happy for others (rather than jealous) I have a realization that I am bringing equally good things to myself rather than more situations in which to be jealous. Another useless disturbance to my peace of mind.
  6. Forgive and Forget. We can spend a lot of time in our lives discussing events that already happened to us. Things that cannot be changed. One of the biggest reasons I find is that we haven’t been able to forgive and forget. Thus, I am committed this week to forgive and forget every time I find myself speaking about something negative from my past. It’s over, can’t change it, freeing my mind for other details!
  7. Do Not Crave Recognition. This is an interesting one for me. Recognition and attention I believe are a need that all humans have, I just think that you can take it too far. For me, it is a balance that I sometimes find hard to keep. I love hearing “great job” or “thank you” but sometimes I find that I am looking for even more. This to me is the DANGER ZONE. This week, I am going to focus on doing the things I enjoy because I enjoy them rather than awaiting praise from others.
  8. Live in a State of Appreciation. Sounds simple, and I often think that I am an appreciative person. However, I know that I feel better the more appreciative I am. My goal this week. To find at least 20 people to thank (via email, letter, or phone) on the first day and increase by 5 each day for the whole week.
  9. Am I Having Fun?  This is a question I am going to fall back to when anything that tries to disturb me comes up. “Am I having Fun?” If the answer is anything other than an affirmative, it is time to take a few minutes (insert daily mediation) and figure out a new game plan.
  10. LIFE IS PERFECT EXACTLY THE WAY IT IS. For those who have been to any of my events, you know this is something that I harp on quite a bit and no letting up now! The truth of the matter is, I have come to realized that everything that happens in our lives (no matter how good, bad, happy or sad) is all perfection. That is why we say hindsight is 20/20 because after the event we realize we wouldn’t have landed where we currently are. When your mind is being disturbed I challenge you to chant “LIFE IS PERFECT EXACTLY THE WAY IT IS” and then try and find the positive, even in the most difficult or challenging situations.

These are my 10 action steps. I would love to hear some of yours. Maybe I can work them into mine. When you need to celebrate, when you need support, or when you just need to know you’re not the only one, check out the event on Facebook and read or leave a comment. You never know who you might help by telling your story!

5 Things to Change Your Life TODAY!

As a coach I am often asked, “How long will coaching takebefore my life will change?” It’s a fair question,but truthfully it varies for everyone. If you can start taking immediate action, then you will see immediate results. If however, you are the type of person who needs to contemplate thingsbefore making a change or decision, then obviously it will take longer.

                However, I also know that if folks don’t see immediate results then they oftenbecome complacent and never initiate action and thus changes never happen. So I have created this list of five things you can do TODAY tobegin changing your life. You don’t need anything, except the desire to change:

  1. Before your feet hit the floor in the morning, take 5 minutes to lie inbed and think about two things: (A) Everything you are grateful for and (B) Imagine your day in advance.
  2. As you get up try and find at least 50 things tobe grateful for and say thank you forbefore leaving your house. (Things I typically use are electricity, running water, hot water, the clothes I have to wear, thebed I slept in, the fact that it is a new morning, my loved ones, a particular achievement I know is going to happen that day, etc.)
  3. Throughout your day set a goal for yourself. On Day 1, let’s say you are going to say “Thank You” at least 5 times (out loud) and you are going to give 5 compliments to others. On Day 2, you will increase that to 6, and so on. . . make it a competition for yourself. If you have a day where you do not increase, try again the next day until you surpass your previous goal.
  4. When a particular difficulty arises in your day, take a moment and feel the discomfort it is causing you. As you feel the discomfort say to yourself, “thank you for allowing me to learn from this.” “I am more powerfulbecause of this” Repeat until the discomfort dissipates.
  5. Before you go to sleep at night, take a few minutes to reply your day in your head. Re-imagine anything that was unpleasant and celebrate everything that went well. Say thank you for those things which you were grateful for throughout the day and rest well.

                These five steps have changed my life. I do them every day, and they have helped me to develop a new perspective on what is POSSIBLE if we put ourselves on the right vibration. If you will be in teh area, I would also suggest checking out an upcoming event